Franz-Ulrich Hartl, M.D.

Director, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry

Arthur Horwich, M.D.
Sterling Professor of Genetics and Professor of Pediatrics, Yale School of Medicine and Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

For their revolutionary insights into chaperone-mediated protein folding.

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James Allison, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair, Department of Immunology, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

For pioneering a novel and effective strategy to harness the immune system for treating solid tumor cancers.

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Douglas C. Wallace, Ph.D.

Founder and Director, Center for Mitochondrial and Epigenomic Medicine, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia; Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine,University of Pennsylvania, PA, U.S.A.

For pioneering the field of human mitochondrial genetics and its application to the study of disease, aging, and patterns of human migration.
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Yoshinori Ohsumi, Ph.D.

Professor, Frontier Research Center, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yokohama, Japan

For discoveries concerning the molecular basis of autophagy, a universal process by which cells digest their own organelles to generate life-saving energy during starvation.

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