Do You Know the Next Dr. Paul Janssen Award Winner?

David Julius, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of the Department of Physiology at the University of California, San Francisco, and Chair of the 2017 Dr. Paul Janssen Award selection committee

As the call for nominations for the 2017 Dr. Paul Janssen Award gets underway, I am honored to be part of the independent selection committee who has the privilege and responsibility to select the next esteemed Award winner. The Award has an impressive record, having recognized 14 outstanding researchers since 2004, two of whom went on to win the Nobel Prize. Who will be next?

For me, being part of the selection committee is exciting because it gives me an opportunity to delve into ground-breaking science that is taking place all over the world, and learn about the scientists who are leading inspirational and breakthrough discoveries. Whether in academic, government or company labs, researchers all over the globe are passionately pursuing answers to new challenges, pushing boundaries of our understanding, and uncovering mechanisms that may one day change the way we manage the most pressing health issues facing us today.

While most of us do not pursue a career in research for the accolades, I believe that it is important to celebrate the significant role that scientific discovery plays in advancing human health. Scientific awards like the Dr. Paul Janssen Award remind us that basic science and advances in clinical medicine are inseparably intertwined, and innovative scientific research at every level is crucial to furthering our understanding of the mechanisms underlying human health and disease.

Prizes also help increase awareness outside of the lab of the value of scientific innovation to society. They serve as inspiration for the future of scientific research and discovery, and encourage the next generation of innovators to be bold and passionate in their work. And they remind us that scientific curiosity and achievement is key to our cultural and intellectual growth, no less so than art, music, and literature.

The Dr. Paul Janssen Award was established by Johnson & Johnson to honor the legacy of Dr. Paul Janssen, one of the most impactful pharmaceutical scientists of the 20th century, and to celebrate today’s outstanding scientists. In the spirit of Dr. Janssen’s reputation for curiosity, innovation, integrity, passion, and leadership, the independent selection committee, which I am honored to chair this year, looks for awardees whose contributions embody these important attributes.

If you know a scientist whose discoveries have paved new scientific or therapeutic ground, have inspired your own research, or have positively impacted the lives of others, please take a few moments to submit a nomination! They may be our next winner!