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Science is everywhere. It impacts our lives in every imaginable way.

From antibiotics and telecommunications, to genomics, precision medicine and 3D printing, science has improved the human condition, leading to longer, healthier, happier lives for people all over the world. But science can also seem mysterious and complex. Now more than ever, science needs champions!

Fueling Future Innovators

Women in Innovation (WiIN)

The Women in Innovation (WiIN) pilot program took place in the summer 2017 in Kigali, Rwanda. WiIN is a leadership development program designed especially for women who have recently graduated from university, and provides training and tools needed to succeed in a career in STEM. WiIN extends our commitment in Africa, where the company supports young scientists and innovators through multiple partnerships and programs.

Celebrating the Power of Science

Sharing the Stories of Champions of Science

A new content series developed in partnership with Scientific American Custom Media will spotlight the brilliant thinkers, big ideas and exciting breakthroughs making our world a better place. Preview the story of more than 40 decades of discovery in mitochondrial genetics in the video below, and click here to learn more!

Dr. Paul Janssen Award for Biomedical Research

The Dr. Paul Janssen Award was established by Johnson & Johnson in 2004 as a symbol of innovation and achievement to honor the memory of Dr. Paul – one of the 20th century’s most gifted and passionate researchers. Since its inception, the Award has recognized fifteen outstanding scientists, two of whom have gone on to win the Nobel Prize.



Science is built on collaboration, partnership, sharing and ideas. Science can solve some of the world's most complex problems, but only when the best ideas are brought together. The Dr. Paul Janssen Project is proud to support "Together Science Can" - a new campaign to celebrate and fuel scientific collaboration.


Inspiring Champions of Science

The Art & Science of Ending Stigma Against Mental Illness

To continue Dr. Paul Janssen’s legacy in advocating for those with mental illnesses, The Art & Science of Ending Stigma Against Mental Illness aims to reduce cultural stigma of mental illness and increase awareness of the biological basis of brain disorders. The program will combine the transcendent nature of art in its many forms with the rationality of science to engage the public in understanding mental illness and how we can work together to conquer stigma.


Quickfire Challenge: The Lab Coat of the Future

The lab coat has been an iconic symbol in the research and medical fields since the late 1800s, and the design hasn’t changed. Through this QuickFire Challenge, the public will have an opportunity to engage in updating the lab coat into a 21st century tool and symbol of breakthrough innovation utilizing modern design, textile engineering and wearable technology. Stay tuned for the launch of The Lab Coat of the Future QuickFire Challenge.




Now more than ever, science needs champions.

We did it! Thanks to everyone who shared your support for science on your social channels by using #ChampionsofScience. We have exceeded our goal, with more than 22,500 engagements. As a result, we are making a $50,000 contribution to the Biotechnology Institute to support the next generation of innovators!

Science needs champions every day. Let’s keep celebrating #ChampionsofScience!

Tell the world why you are a champion of science and inspire others to show their support!


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Nov 20

Seema Kumar

Incredibly proud to see @JNJNews in the top 3 pharmaceutical companies ranking from @AtMIndex. For the fourth consecutive time, #JnJ is being awarded for its efforts to increase access to medicine for people in need. #MyCompany #ChampionsOfScience

Nov 20

J&J Africa

At 4th @AWIEForum, #JNJ CTO Consumer R&D @JoshGhaim, w/ Sarusha Pillay TIA South Africa, @patriciaobozuwa @GE_Africa, & Bitland Global’s Larry Bates discuss role & impact of disruptive tech in Africa’s transformation & in driving #entrepreneurship. #AWIEF #ChampionsOfScience

Nov 20

Johnson & Johnson

From innovative contact lenses to new #medtech that revolutionizes how fractures & deformities are corrected, #JNJ’s #ChampionsofScience are advancing healthcare. Dr. Paul Stoffels, JNJ CSO, shares more on their work here:

Nov 19


¡No te pierdas el concurso #ChampionsofScience! 📲🖱️⚗️⚛️ Tenés tiempo hasta el 22 de enero de 2019 para participar de esta iniciativa de @JNJInnovation. ¡Participa!

Nov 19

Janssen Global

What inspired some of our female leaders to become scientists? Read some of their stories here > #championsofscience #mondaymotivation

Nov 19

Janssen Global

Thank you to everyone who joined our live discussion about how the power of art and science helps us break down mental illness stigma! Check out the video replay at the link below and share with others #ChampionsofScience #ArtofEndingStigma

Nov 19

TU Delft Global

Johnson&Johnson has launched the #championsofscience Africa Innovation Challenge 2.0. A call for ideas for health-care that have the potential to create a positive impact for African communities. #HealthForAll For more info:

Nov 18

J&J Global Health

The #ChampionsOfScience Africa Innovation Challenge 2.0 has launched! Apply today for a chance to win funding & mentorship. Don’t miss the January 16th deadline. @JNJInnovation

Nov 18

J&J Africa

Calling all African Entrepreneurs & Innovators! The #ChampionsOfScience #AfricaInnovation Challenge 2.0 is open. Help address critical unmet needs of the continent by submitting your #innovation by January 16, 2019 to #JNJ. @JNJGlobalHealth

Nov 17

JNJ Innovation

Congratulations to our 2018 Johnson Medal winners -- outstanding scientists & engineers who work to advance cutting-edge solutions for everyone, everywhere. Read more about why we think it's important to celebrate #championsofscience: #jnj @JNJNews

Nov 17

Oliver Stohlmann

#LungCancer - such an important #disease to solve. Have fun, and success! For the many #patients who are waiting for solutions! @crisdeluca @JNJInnovation @JanssenGlobal @mithackmed #ChampionsOfScience